Faculty Detail

Dr. Muhammad Jamil







1. Impact of exchange rate and its volatility on growth and economic performance of Pakistan

2. Sectoral volatility, development and governance: A case study of Pakistan

3. Exchange rate volatility and its impact on industrial production, before and after the introduction of common currency in Europe

4. Determinants of export demand of textile and leather industries of Pakistan

5. Does the international Fisher effect theory hold for Pakistan? A cointegration analysis

6. Relationship between real and nominal uncertainty in Pakistan: Analysis based on bivariate GARCH BEKK approach

7. The effect of price level on output per worker: Evidence from Asian developing countries

8. Intergenerational mobility in occupational status

9. Connotation among structure, conduct and performance: A panel data analysis of selected financial firms in Pakistan

10. Impact of trade agreements on exports: A cross country analysis of selected SAARC countries

11. Testing governance – productivity nexus for emerging Asian countries

12. Controversy between modernists and traditionalists in Pakistan: The case of commission on marriage and family laws

13. Impact of school infrastructure and pedagogical materials on its academic performance: A case study of public high schools in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

14. Fuel demand elasticities in Pakistan: An analysis based on household integrated Economic Survey (HIES)

15. Prevalence, prevention and solutions

16. Do investors herd: Empirical evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange and its major sectors

17. The impact of dividend announcement on stock returns among the top ten companies in Pakistan

18. Intergenerational mobility in educational attainments

19. Sources of volatility in stock and currency markets: A panel data analysis of European countries


1. Determinants of productivity and efficiency of wheat growers in Faisalabad

2. Perception About China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor (CPEC) and Likelihood of Tourist’s Revisit to Gilgit-Baltistan

3. Job Satisfaction and Job Performance: An Empirical Analysis of University Teachers

4. Do Investors Herd: Empirical Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange and its Major Sectors

5. Intergenerational Mobility in Occupational Status

6. Connotation among Structure, Conduct and Performance: A Panel Data Analysis of selected financial firms in Pakistan

7. Migration of Employment Workers and their impact on Economic conditions of source regions of Pakistan

8. The impact of social, physical and financial infrastructure on Economic growth: A Panel Data Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries

9. Firm Specific and Market Related Determinants of Cellular Call Price

10. Dividend announcements and stock returns: An event study analysis for selected companies of Pakistan Stock Exchange

11. Environmental Degradation in Developed and Developing Countries from the Stand Point of Financial Development and Institutional Quality

12. Impact of dividend announcements on stock returns: an analysis for selected companies from Pakistan stock exchange

13. Regional disparities in Economic welfare: Spatial analysis of districts of Pakistan