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1. Skill Shortage versus Subject Choice, Case of Pakistan

2. Detecting Stationarity of GDP:A Test of Unit Root Tests

3. New approach to an old issue related to ordered-choice endogenous models

4. Choice of Spectral Density Estimator in Ng-Perron Test: A Comparative Analysis

5. Modified R, a Robust Measure of Association for Time Series,

6. Revival of Legacy of Tooke and Gibson, Further Evidences and Implications

7. The human capital and economic growth nexus, in East and South Asia

8. Determinants of Islamic Banking Industry’s Profitability in Pakistan

9. Unexplored Export Potential of Medical, Surgical and Veterinary Instruments of Pakistan: A Comparative Econometric Analysis

10. Factors transforming high-tech exports from OICs

11. Failure of Interest Based Monetary Policy: Evidences from Selected Islamic and Non- Islamic Countries

12. Atiq-ur-Rehman. Revival of Legacy of Tooke and Gibson: Implications for Monetary Policy

13. Interest Rate and Inflation, Case of Pakistan

14. Relationship between Energy Prices, Monetary Policy and Inflation; A Case Study of South Asian Economies

15. Feasibility of Bay Salam Finance: A Survey Of The Opinions Of Stakeholders

16. Multiple Indicator Formula for HEC Journal Recognition and Ranking

17. Eradicating Poverty through Salam and Istisn'a' Strategy for Poverty Reduction in Rural Pakistan

18. Issues & Challenges to Cross LoC Trade

19. Exchange Rate, J-curve and Debt Burden, Case of Pakistan


1. Constructing Islamic Development Index from existing development data

2. On logical and normative foundations of monetary policy

3. CPEC, Trade and Worker’s Remittances Nexus