About the Institute

The Kashmir Institute of Economics is the first ever post-graduate department of the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and was established in May 1978 (two years before the establishment of the University). In 1990, the Kashmir Institute of Economics was named as Kashmir Institute of Development Studies and later on in 1998 again re-named as “Kashmir Institute of Economics”. The Kashmir Institute of Economics (KIE) offers PhD (3 years), M.Phil (2 years), M.Sc Economics (2 years) and B.S (4-year) programs in Economics. All programs include compulsory courses, optional courses, workshops and conference courses, research and comprehensive viva voice examination.


The Kashmir Institute of Economics aims to be one of the leading institutes of economics both at national and regional level by assisting and enhancing conducive environment for teaching and research. Institute will empower its graduates with knowledge and applied skills along with moral and ethical values to strengthen their community in a diverse and changing world. Department of Islamic Economy and banking offer degree program in Islamic Economics and Islamic Banking and Finance.

The Organizational Structure

The Institute consists of two departments and specialized different activities as under;
1. Department of Economics
2. Department of Islamic Economy and Banking

Department of Economics

The department of economics offers the educational degree programs in economics.

Research Wing

The Kashmir Institute of Economics is involved in research. Scientific papers on a variety of topics have been published in national and International recognized journals. It has been recognized in the relevant circles that trend of students’ innovative research is fairly higher at Kashmir Institute of Economics, University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The institute is engaged in national level research projects [click here].

Training Wing

The training wing organizes training Programs, workshops, seminars and special lecturers by distinguished economists and scholars from time to time. Some recent events include; workshop on economics of wellbeing_ the first ever in Pakistan; special lecture on Quality of Food Situation in Pakistan, Presentation on Economics of Spiritual Human Capital and its Estimation Strategies, workshop on advance Data Analysis, SPSS and AMOS. Students and faculty are encouraged to attend useful courses and workshops. For upcoming events [click here].